These are mono block amplifiers. That means you need two for stereo. They are designed around vacuum tubes in the KT88 class.

The circuitry is full class A. This mode of operation is forced by the use of a constant current source in the output stage. Low noise, low distortion and maximum bandwidth were foremost in the design of these amplifiers. Power output was secondary.

Most contemporary amplifiers seem to be involved in a horse power race. Bigger is better seems to be the mantra. Often sound quality in the lower power levels is sacrificed to get greater output. All Oddwatts are designed to deliver optimum response at actual listening levels which are often only a few watts. Power output is modest but sufficient for most applications. The power ratings are conservative.

A feature that many will like is that when overdriven the amplifiers overload gracefully. There is no sudden massive distortion as is common in many solid state amplifiers.

- Power output 25 watts RMS
- Distortion below 0.5% through half power, 1% at full power*
- Frequency Response 8HZ to 20 KHZ +0/-1db at any rated power**
- Signal to noise better than 80 db
- Tubes Gold Lion KT88, NOS 5751

* Typically below 0.3%
** With NFB active. +0/-.5 db when disabled

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