The ODDWATT ALPHA (OWA) is a beginner stereo integrated amplifier geared towards the hobbyist who wants to build a relatively inexpensive and easy to build kit with the sonic qualities offered by that of the vacuum tube. Utilizing a single 6GV8 triode pentode per channel, the ALPHA is a single ended ultra linier 2 stage amplifier offering impressive performance for such a low dollar kit. The ALPHA has one very large advantage over competing and comparable kits in the fact it utilizes AMERICAN MADE EDCOR power and output transformers and their superior quality steel, a standard with ODDWATT products. With a signal response of 30Hz to over 20KHz @ with less than 1% distortion to near rated power of one watt the ALPHA is no sonic slouch. Used within it limits, the ALPHA as a hobby project will offer a very satisfying and enjoyable experience musically with one stepping back and saying "I built a tube amplifier" and enjoy it every day listening to your favorite musical selections.

The ALPHA is supplied with 2 Russian 6F5P NOS tubes which is the Russian equivalent of the American 6GV8/ECL85. Sometimes easily heard it is fun to "tube roll "different manufacturers of the 6GV8 tubes and hear a possible difference such as better bass, mid range or high range response from the different tubes. Finding these tubes can be easy and inexpensive on EBAY or a Google search for "6GV8". Have fun with your ALPHA and experiment. You shouldn't need to spend more than $5 to $10 each for these tubes.
The ALPHA kit contains full and detailed build instructions with lots of pictures provided on a compact disk. Parts include a 20 gauge steel top plate and bottom cover, 2oz plated copper double sided printed circuit board, Xicon and Nichicon resistors and capacitors, American made EDCOR power and output transformers, all necessary hardware and a Poplar wood chassis to be finished in any manor the builder desires. Once built the ALPHA can be displayed proudly.

Typical Operational Results

Power output 1 watt RMS
- Distortion below 0.7% through half power, 2.7% at full power into 8 Ohm
- Frequency Response 30HZ to 20 KHZ +0/-1db at any rated power
- Signal to noise better than 62 db
- Tubes 2 NOS 6F5P/6GV8 or ECL85


OWA – One complete kit supplied with NOS Russian 6F5P/6GV8 Power Tubes - $280.00

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