A manual operation vacuum tube line stage pre-amplifier kit. 

The FOREWATT Series 1 features a circuit similar to the ODDWATT power amplifiers SRPP driver stage.  The circuit design incorporates a high voltage regulator that keeps the voltage to the anodes at the optimum value. DC filament power helps to create an amplifier with low noise and exceptional sonic qualities.  FOREWATT features 3 switchable inputs, 3 sets of RCA jacks, 1 set of standard RCA outputs as well as stereo RCA subwoofer output jacks on the back panel.

All parts included in the kit are high quality. The FOREWATT Series 1 uses an ALPS BLUE VELVET volume pot, a premium 3 position source rotary switch, Russian K40-Y9 PIO coupling capacitors, SOLEN and PANASONIC power filter caps, 1watt KOA carbon film resistors in the signal path, 4oz copper clad PCB boards, EDCOR power transformer and a high quality steel chassis. Two JJ ECC802-S tubes supplied with kit.

Specifications for all FOREWATT Preamplifiers are

Frequency response 15 HZ to past 25 K HZ +/- .5db
At 1 volt into a 50K ohm load. 

S/N in excess of 90 db at 1 volt. 

THD under 0.5% at any frequency. 

Maximum output into 50K ohms in excess of 20 volts. 

Voltage gain of 7.

We believe the FOREWATT is an exceptional bargain and will provide musical enjoyment for many years!

Individuals with average electrical and mechanical skills can easily build the FOREWATT Series 1 kit in a single day.

MSRP: $450.00