OddWatt Audio is proud to announce the long awaited arrival of the newly designed PODDWATT DMB Series 1 dual mono block integrated amplifier kit.

The PWDMB is actually two mono-block (single channel) totally separate amplifiers in a single chassis. Unlike its predecessor, the PODDWATT Series 1, which was an integrated stereo (two channel) amplifier sharing a common power supply, the DMB’s channels share nothing with the exception of the common AC EMI input power filter. This results in better channel separation. Based on many features of the circuit design from its bigger cousins the ODDBLOCK’s, the new PWDMB like its predecessor is based around the use of the EL84 power tubes and a single 5751 driver tube. The DMB incorporates features such as pure class ”A” operation forced by the use of a constant current source, cathode balancing  in the output stages, Ultra Linear output configuration and a SRPP driver stage combine to create an amplifier with exceptional sonic qualities. New features on the PWDMB include new power transformers which feature a slight raise in B+ voltage resulting in a near 1 watt gain of output and better linear control across the entire frequency range and new custom designed EDCOR output transformers which provide line flat response from 10hz to 40khz. The new output transformers feature easily switchable four and eight ohm speaker taps vs its predecessors single 6 ohm speaker tap. The PWDMB features the use of LR8 voltage regulators to provide better filtering in its power supplies B+ and heater circuits resulting in an exceptional signal to noise ratio of better than 90 db. This means this amp is quiet, very quiet with under a millivolt of noise at the speakers. This adds a very black background creating a large and detailed sound stage. Paired with the use of the highly regarded EL84 power tube known for its many qualities as being an excellent sounding and very affordable audio tube we feel the PODDWATT DMB has excelled into a world class amplifier while still being an affordable and great sounding general use amplifier.

The PODDWATT DMB features 3 switchable inputs with three sets of RCA jacks on the rear panel. The PODDWATT DMB also features stereo RCA subwoofer output jacks on the back panel as well to add that extra dimension of sound if desired.

The PODDWATT DMB is well suited for smaller systems but fully capable of being the center piece of premium systems when used in conjunction with higher efficiency speakers. Being an “integrated “amplifier, no pre amplifier is required but one may be used if desired.

The newly designed PODDWATT DMB we feel is considerably easier to build than its predecessor with the new design featuring the use of a large main PCB and three smaller PCB’s. Populating the PCB’s is a snap with all parts clearly labeled. We provide you with with a very complete instruction CD that includes numerous photos of the various construction phases. All PCB’s manufactured in the USA and are high quality with featuring 4oz copper cladding. At ODDWATT we use the PCB’s in the style of a turret board with the intent to make signal traces less than an inch long between any two points. Exceptions do occur but we feel the use of the heavier copper cladding reduces the chance of signal degradation to a virtually non-existent level. All parts included in the kit are high quality and are carefully selected for their applications. The amplifier uses an ALPS BLUE VELVET volume pot, Russian K40-Y9 PIO coupling capacitors, Jantzen CrossCap and PANASONIC power filter capacitors, 1watt KOA carbon film resistors in the signal path, premium 4oz copper clad PCB boards, EDCOR power and output transformers and a high quality steel chassis with top cover also manufactured in the USA. The PODDWATT DMB kit won’t leave you wanting more!

We believe the PODDWATT DMB is an exceptional bargain and will provide musical enjoyment for many years!

MSRP of $725.00

Individuals with average electrical and mechanical skills can easily build the POODDWATT DMBkit in a single day.

Typical operational results if used with JJ EL84 power tubes
Rated Power output 5 watts RMS
- Distortion below 0.5% through half power, 1% at full power
- Frequency Response 8HZ to 20 KHZ +0/-1db at any rated power
- Signal to noise better than 90 db
- Tubes JJ EL84, SONTEK 5751