What the Heck is an OddWatt?

This is what we call the type of amplifier that can be built from our kits. It isn't strange, just different from most. It uses a SRPP driver and self-inverting push-pull output stage (SIPP)...and, all our amplifiers are made in the USA!

Simple is Good
The circuit is deceptively simple. The signal path has only one capacitor and one transformer. It is full class A in operation. There is an option for either no negative feedback or a very minimal amount.

Holding Down Costs
Even though we love the sound of tubes, we do use some solid state components to perform functions that they can do well. Pure tube advocates may be offended, but constant current sources for tube amplifiers aimed at out customers cannot be implemented cost effectively. We also use solid state rectfiers to hold the costs to a reasonable level.

A Great Deal
Will our kits replace $5000 tube mono-blocks? No. But we believe our OddWatts are more than competitive with others at twice the price!




Who We Are
Surprising as it may seem we are just two average do it yourselfers (diyers) interested in promoting quality sound reproduction. Neither of us had any idea that we might end up doing kits for the audio community. It all started rather casually with some email exchanges regarding modifications to rather modest tube amplifiers. The real surprise is that we are talking about tube amplifiers. Remember them? They glow in the dark and get extremely hot on occasion. Anyhow, from there it grew into bigger and better projects. During the summer of 2008 it became increasingly clear that maybe there were other diyers around the world that might be interested in building some of the projects.

Bruce is a designer and developer of projects. He always has several projects on the bench. Any type of electronic device is fair game. His love is tube audio. He has posted some of the projects on the diyaudioprojects.com web site (thanks for the opportunity Gio) and was rewarded with a huge quantity of email about them. The final project during that period was a push pull class A tube power amplifier using KT88 tubes. It was an evolution of an earlier project using EL84 tubes. Since the circuit was a bit unconventional he called it an Oddwatt. That was the origin of the name. The basic circuit components and configurations had been around for a long time. The difference was that to the best of our knowledge no one ever put them together that way.

Rodney on the other hand is a skilled in the areas of CAD design and fabrication. Not unlike Bruce he always has 1,2…….10 projects on the bench whether it be a tube amp, speaker cabinets, guitars and even an occasional plastic airplane model. Never a wasted moment if he can help it. His active interest in tube amplifiers began only a few short years ago and with the help of a few very knowledgeable people to inspire and drive him, Bruce being one very large part of that inspiration, the ODDWATT amplifier kits and company are becoming a reality. To be included in such cool and great sounding projects has always been a dream of Rodney's and I believe you will feel the same once you build a set of these amps !

Good Listening!
Made in the USA!